The hat has adventures at Comic Con

The people in these pictures were gracious enough to have their pictures taken either wearing or holding the hat. They are awesome.

Vince, this is the other part of the mystery package, and I think you'll be pleased at the adventures of the hat. I started making it on Thursday July 15 and finished Wednesday July 21.
If this picture were in 3-D and you were wearing 3-D glasses, you could see it in 3-D right now!
The person at the Jason Palmer Studios booth models the hat.
Mandalorian armor + Jayne Cobb hat = ultimate badass
The sword and martini guy from The Kingdom of Loathing looks so debonair.
Joshua Nite, a.k.a. Mr. Skullhead of Kingdom of Loathing.
Erin, a.k.a. Xlyinia of KoL.
Kevin, a.k.a. Hotstuff of KoL.
Keith Knight, cartoonist of The K Chronicles, (th)ink, and The Knight Life.
Stephen Notley, cartoonist of Bob the Angry Flower.
Sand people give the hat a thumb up.
Oh yeah!
The hat found Waldo.
Two Jayne hats are totally sweet.
Fortunately the universe didn't implode from the awesomeness of wearing two Jayne hats at the same time.
Robert Popper, one of the creators of Look Around You.
Peter Serafinowicz, the other creator of Look Around You.
Sergio Aragones is one of my favorite cartoonists of all time, and it was quite an honor to take a picture of him with the hat.
Lego C3PO and R2D2.
Her Oompa Loompa costume was amazing.
Ron Glass needs no introduction.
The Southern California Ghostbusters took time out of their regular patrol to take a picture.
I forgot to ask who he was portraying, but I think he was dressed as White Gold. Regardless, it was pretty cool costume. He said that the hat was the best homemade Jayne Cobb hat he's seen. He pointed out specifically the fullness of the pompom.
The Colonel put a chemical in the hat to make the wearer crave it fortnightly.
Zack "Jick" Johnson, the creator of Kingdom of Loathing.
Captain Marvel proudly wears the hat.
Wonder Woman and Ash with the hat.
One out of one Starfleet captains polled approve of the hat.
Bryan Lee O'Malley vs the hat: Bryan Lee O'Malley wins.